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Découvrez nos Escape Game en ligne dédiés à l'événementiel d'entreprise




capture écran salle d'escape game en ligne et serious game digital en entreprise

You are organizing a remote team seminar?

A managers' convention?

An executive committee meeting?

Storia Event allows you to make participants live an interactive, learning and playful moment, breaking with the rhythm of successive speeches and yet closely related to the issues of the event. 


Designed to be integrated into digital events, Storia Event is a serious game adapted from Storia Learning in order to offer the possibility to play in teams and remotely on themes specific to the company's priority issues.

At a selected moment of the event, each participant is invited to join his teammates on a specific link. They will then be able to evolve together in a 3D Storia environment by sharing a screen, to solve the puzzles and discover the operational messages resulting from them.

The pedagogical dimension of the experience remains a priority for us. However, once the module is experienced in teams, the data collected on the performance of each team can give rise to an "incentive" type sequence, where the most effective ones will be given pride of place.

In addition, Storia Event allows employees to meet in a way that is unusual in the life of a company. It's a team game played on a screen, in a spirit of co-development rather than a competitive mode.

By mixing conviviality, incentive and pedagogy, our ambition is to offer your employees a highlight of your digital events.

capture écran salle d'escape game en ligne et serious game digital en entreprise
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