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Escape Game virtuels et  pédagogiques au service de votre développement 



We are convinced that the sustainable appropriation of educational content requires a process of questioning and reflection. This is why we designed Storia based on one of the most popular forms of play in the last 10 years: the Escape Game. Transposed to the company's challenges, the investigative game becomes a formidable lever for learning and skill development, without losing any of its appeal.

With Storia, everyone, alone or in a team, can live an immersive experience by simply connecting to their computer or cell phone.

Immersed in a virtual space modeled in 3D, always adapted to the proposed scenario, the user will be able to explore the environment to interact with objects and discover the stories they tell. The information thus collected will allow him to solve puzzles to progress in the experience... and in doing so, assimilate the key notions of the experience.

code enigme escape game en ligne entreprise
code enigme escape game en ligne entreprise
code enigme escape game en ligne entreprise
code enigme escape game en ligne entreprise

Our ambition: to make you live a moment that is engaging, fun and learning at the same time.

To achieve this, we rely on two very powerful drivers for the human brain:

the pleasure of playing and the strength of storytelling.

Jeux  digitaux et histoires apprenantes






"Play consists of whatever

a body is not obliged to do."

Mark Twain

It is no longer a secret that we all learn better and more easily if we have fun during the training.


Playing is one of the oldest forms of socialization and learning. Play is innate because it resonates with the brain, nourishing and stimulating it

This is why the Blue Submarine pedagogy is resolutely playful. We want each module to be perceived by learners as a moment of pleasure, because it is the best guarantee of their commitment, availability and appetite for the messages delivered.




"If history were taught in the form of stories,

it would never be forgotten."

Rudyard Kipling

Nothing is more natural to man than to tell a story. And nothing is more effective in sharing an idea, defending a message or transmitting knowledge.

Listening to or reading a story acts as a simulator: a generator of new situations for our brain.  Faced with a new situation, our mind tries to connect to patterns, pre-identified diagrams telling it what behavior to adopt. The story provides these patterns. 

Regardless of the message to be delivered, the culture to be promoted or the skills to be developed, we are convinced that the use of storytelling is both the most impactful option... and the most enjoyable.

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